Boosting With Gold?

So this series of tweets inspired me to write:

Now, I’m not a “WoW Gold Millionaire” (yet) but as I mentioned there…

Granted, I’m a weird WoW leveller.

Redflare and I level our Druids together, then our Mage/Priest. I’ve actually been worried a little bit about the Legion experience because of that. We’ll have to split up and meet wherever it is we’re going to go level on our Mage/Priest because our order halls will be different.

That’s the case for most of my pairs, actually. I’ll likely be leveling as Guardian Druid while she’s pure Resto too, so we’ll start things off going for different artifacts.

My total leveling pairs though:

  • Druid/Druid (With Redflare)
  • Mage/Priest (With Redflare)
  • Shaman/Warrior (With TJ – Eldest son)
  • Warlock/Paladin (With Little Miss – Eldest daughter)
  • Hunter/Rogue (With Superman – Youngest son)
  • Death Knight
  • Demon Hunter
  • Horde Mage

So I’ll have at least two characters I’ll be solo leveling. I’m not sure what the family plan is for the demon hunter yet, my assumption is that we’ll swarm the starting zone as a group of four(!?) and then go our separate ways.

There’s also the question of where to spend my level 100 boost.

I’ve noticed the kids haven’t spent theirs yet either. Redflare did because Superman wanted a level 100 rogue and she obliged because she didn’t have a clue what to spend her boost on either.

This doesn’t even get into the sub-100 characters, but that’s another post. 😉

TL;DR? I wouldn’t spend gold to boost my characters. I’m having a hard enough time choosing one when given the boost.


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