Wildstar Rises

So Wildstar is out as a free to play game now. I don’t really know how much I’ll end up playing this game, but I’m over on the Entity PvE server.

I rolled an Esper class with a Science subclass.

Things I’ve walked away from so far though:

  1. The battle system is more active than WoW (I like it).
  2. The art style seems fun and cartoony.
  3. I have no desire to go altoholic.

Now part of the reason I have no interest in becoming an Altoholic in Wildstar is because the FTP mode only gives us two character slots and I have no intention of putting a lot of money in this game.

What will I do instead? Well, if things go slowly in WoW I might let my subscription lapse here and there and then toss Wildstar the amount of money I’d be tossing WoW. Seems like the budget friendly way to do things.

The Esper class is a ranged class that will eventually get some healing abilities. I so far feel like a caster rogue what with the summoning of Psi-powered daggers and then once I have enough combo points flinging something else out like a stun or Psi-eagle to crush my enemy.

The “cast zone” is my favorite part of the game’s combat though (going back to item 1).

You don’t simply /target and then /cast a spell. You actually have to aim.

This has its positives and negatives in the long run. There’s certainly no running a dungeon as a dps if you’re low on sleep, that’s for sure.

I’m going to say it because it is a negative for me, but with no Mac support (and I don’t expect any) the game has a larger disadvantage of me playing it.

I’ve for the most part ventured away from Raptr at this point, what with my transition to playing WoW and the other Blizzard games Mac side. This means my “gaming time” is “off” now. The loss of new console tracking on Raptr has also made me not track it as heavily.

What I will find interesting with this transition though, is how much time do I spend in Windows? How much time to I spend in non-Blizzard? It’s probably the only reason I haven’t fully uninstalled Raptr (that and the twitch support).

So, I’ll see you folks in WoW more often, but I’m certainly impressed enough in Wildstar to keep going and see where it takes me.


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