Brewfest’s Return (Weak Auras Help String)

So as I was racing my Ram around near Ironforge it hit me that I’m lacking a good and easy way to track how much longer I have and if I’m pushing my ram too hard.

Wonder what it looks like? I’ve tweaked it slightly since first making it because I realized I had the display too low to see the apples as I was riding around, but the beauty of WeakAuras is that you can move it!

What’s neat to see is the real countdown for the ram because otherwise the buff simply says 4 minutes, 3, 2, then seconds and keeps adjusting by +30seconds every time you drop off another keg successfully.

Oh yeah, here’s the WeakAura string in a txt file.

Why a text file? Because this way you can save it out and back it up and not have to go hunting for it again. Especially since you’ll probably want to delete it from WeakAuras after Brewfest is over.

Now just remember to drink responsibly. 😉


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