Warlock WeakAuras Strings

So I had a hard time finding somebody who put one of these out.

I found some, but they just didn’t “do it” for me.

So here I am again, making another WeakAuras similar to my Feral Druid.

First off, I present the “general” strings. This gives you a reminder that you do not have buffs.

You can see the four icons in the lower left here. To grab them, here’s the string.

I know for sure that these weren’t fully original. Pretty sure I copied them from somewhere else.

I also know for sure that this is a heavy modification of the same person’s work who laid the groundwork for the general Warlock ones. If anybody can help me find the original link it’d be great to share.

The screenshot is right after I started combat by dropping a nuke from my warlock’s Gnomish Workshop. :p

What we have here is a popup reminder that my current target doesn’t have Haunt. It will go through the icy-veins affliction priorities, starting with agony, corruption and then unstable affliction before showing me Haunt.

The one I copied from gave me countdowns for each, I felt it was a bit too cluttered so I dropped those in favor or reminder icons.

Without further adieu, here’s the affliction string.

Finally, because it’s the only other spec I play, is my destruction spec.

It’s fairly simple compared to affliction, but then, the spec is simple compared to affliction. :p

The destruction string is here.

There’s a flaming image to the left that I didn’t capture, but that’s for rain of fire.

Then there’s a reminder that you don’t have immolate on your current target.

And finally a reminder that your backdraft buff is on.

Go forth my minions, and share chaos and destruction!


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