The Leveled Five

I’m going to point out now that none of these characters were boosted to 90 as of WoD. They  have all journeyed with me and my family from 1 to 100.

Fel, The Gnome Affliction Warlock (upper-left)

I’ve always considered him my “second main” so it’s interesting that he was the one that triggered the Quintessential achievement this time. Likely because Little Miss wanted my help leveling her boosted character… which I found out about after I’d already been questing and leveling a little. I stopped questing on him but with his gathering, Darkmoon Faire, and other things he’s beat her to cap by three levels.

I look forward to all the gold that will come with continuing to quest with her even though he’s at cap.

When I hit a leveling lull on my “main” (I’m an alcoholic so I really don’t have a true main) I started a warlock.

Engineering toys, explosives, and the occasional backfired invention, he’s my fun loving, curious character.

Draconious, The Draenei Fire Mage (upper-right)

Drac and Maetres (Redflare’s priest) are mates from Argus. They have been together for a long time at this point and are the characters that we team up to level come every new expansion.

Afterward we go our separate ways for the most part (she PvPs and I burn things to a crisp in dungeons) but the journey together to level cap every expansion is a major appeal of these two.

Redflare and I have made many memories together.

Molani, The Draenei Elemental/Restoration Shaman (lower-left)

Molani and TJ’s warrior Swordagent have a unique history as well.

I started this character on another server and later moved her to the home server when I realized I liked her so much.

Swordagent started with my Paladin at the time named “Immoset” who eventually became Estonia when the feature of a gender change was possible (he wasn’t very pretty because I’d never planned to keep him.)

When Swordagent caught up to Molani they synced up their quests and drove to the level cap of Wrath. TJ and I were finally successful in reaching level cap as of Cataclysm.

He now has a second level capped character of his own.

Irethorn, The Draenei Frost Death Knight (lower-right)

The traditional “try it out” Death Knight was naturally started during Wrath but finally got to cap during Cataclysm. I pushed hard on this character to help Redflare quest and planned to quest with her on this character come Mists.

That plan didn’t happen and instead we leveled our “mains” together.

I therefore didn’t get her to level cap in Mists until the WoD patch to the game. I didn’t feel like it was accurate that I therefore could claim “five” at that point.

Aniendha, The Night Elf Guardian/Restoration Druid (center)

This character is only my “main” because I usually go and do everything on her first.

Redflare and I quested and got our druids to 100 first.

I’m about to get the legendary ring on her first, for instance. It’s the first character I got to level cap in Burning Crusade (I didn’t play during Vanilla).

The memories forged with fellow players and with my family are what make this game special to me though.

These characters are signposts in my adventures in this fictional world with them. I’m proud to share it with them and go questing, pvping, or just sharing news and information about the world of Blizzard games with them.

I’m not done either. The characters page here on the site shows just how many more adventures I’m likely to have.

We have a plan for Legion, for instance, in using the 100 boost on my paladin Estonia, Little Miss’ Snowprincess Death Knight and Redflare’s Warlock Tierna.

From there we’ll go forth and conquer the Legion together.

What until then? I’m probably going to start leveling another of course! I have Tholine over on the Horde side and then the question of Moonstrider or Yenomi on Alliance (for some reason they’re the two that seem like they’d be the most fun to level next.

I have plenty of options. 😀

See you in game!


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