Gamescon Brings Next WoW Expansion Announcement: Meh and oh no!

I read this and went: meh. Then I went “oh no!”


I don’t want another expansion yet. I’m an altoholic in game, so my game is about playing my alts. I play the game to see what a full stable of alts can do.

WoD has been the most alt unfriendly expansion ever and that will hold true even more if the time between expansions is cut.

I have a two feasible goals for every expansion, and the only reason I hit it in Mists is because Blizzard literally handed me a free level 90 character.

That goal is to level one additional character to level cap and feel “done” with my main. I haven’t met that goal yet in WoD.

I joined the game during Burning Crusade. During that I got one character to cap and slowly worked on another.

During Wrath I got four characters to cap. This was the era I played the most in WoW.

Cataclysm brought five.

Mists (thanks to the free boost token) brought six.

I haven’t caught up with my previous goal yet in WoD. Why? Because this has been the most grindy expansion ever.

Why do I put a main down and pick up an alt? When I feel my main is complete. When I finish my main’s goals for the game time day.

I can’t do that presently because a lot of what my main depends on is random. Will my main succeed in the shipyard and advance to level three shipyard so I can get that part of the ring done? Will my main get the drops I need to further complete the legendary ring?

I haven’t started on the ring on other characters, and thanks to the shipyard I won’t get the ring on more than one character. Why? Because it’s too grindy.

I want one thing out of this announcement: that it isn’t coming soon.

Give us some info, give us some new features like always, but then give us some time to actually enjoy the game without all the grinding.

I’ll say this. If at level cap, the way to unlock flight is as bad as it is for WoD, I’m done. Warcraft is no longer a game for a dad of five who puts his family before his gaming.

So here’s hoping it’s good news at this announcement, and that news being: less grinding.


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