Fiction: To the Skies

Tholine studied the charts of Frostfire Ridge for the umpteenth time. While her magic allowed for a modicum of flight she wanted the real thing.

Where others had failed, she would try to find a way.

She slammed her mug on the table in frustration… or would she?

She recalled how she mastered flight in the other areas she’d explored…


She threw the parchment with her new orders for her garrison to an underly and ran to the gryphon master. “Zangarra!” she barked.

The flight master nodded and mounted. Tholine climbed behind Bron.

“You know this place don’t you?”


“The land. You’ve explored everything, correct?”

“The only way to find safe passage for you, Commander.”

She nodded to herself, satisfied as Bron took them to Zangarra the rest of the way silently.


Finding Khadgar wasn’t too difficult. The man seemed to enjoy being everywhere at once after all.

Tholine explained her theories and the Archmage agreed.

“The continent must be fully explored, we must know it as the elements that seem to rule it do, then we should be able to take wing.”

Triumphant, Tholine returned to her garrison to prepare to invade Tanaan and satisfy the final piece: pleasing the elements so that they wouldn’t buffet her out of the air.

[Of course flight would finally be announced for after 6.2 after I wrote the others. :p See you on 6/23/15!]


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