Improving Garrison Alts (Q&A Reaction)

I posted this on the game forums too but I wanted to get it out here.


Reading a Q&A liveblog provided by Blizzard Watch:

Q: Draenor seems focused on the one-character playstyle, damaging alts and burning people out with things like garrison upkeep. Intended?
A: Burnout definitely not intended. Hazzikostas says he’d prefer alts to be self-contained, but concerned about the perception that alts should support mains. For example, having at on of alts to make gold from the garrison. Potential nerf to the amount of gold you get from garrisons at the account level. Not saying people should get excited about nerfs, but they think the diminishing returns will relieve some of the pressure of garrisons — shouldn’t feel the need to have a half-dozens garrisons for linear gold increases.

Wait… what?

Garrison upkeep means upgrading and checking all the mines and herb gardens I have (I only upgraded one to level 3 and the rest are still at 1 or 2 to help solve this problem for me… others may not have done the same). Garrison upkeep is not the mission table. It’s the profession related things in the garrison. I feel I must go check the barn on character X and the small plot profession buildings on all my characters. It has nothing to do with the mission table so please leave the mission table alone. Unless you decide to integrate the addon Master Plan… that would be nice. :p

If you want to make a garrison alt friendly you don’t do it by nerfing the garrison mission table, you do it by making activities done in the garrison BoA rather than BoP. The two biggest ones that come to mind are follower upgrade tokens and blueprints (if I’ve already learned it on this character why do I have to relearn it on characters X, Y, and Z?)

I have to log in and check every one of my garrisons not for gold (not all of them have a level 3 inn after all) but for those darn upgrade tokens and the gear upgrade tokens (like the 615 random gloves that are useless on this character but might still help the alt).

Nerfing the gold, if anything, is going to make it feel even less like I can skip logging into my alts’ garrisons every day, because now they have even fewer rewards than they once did… yet still the same amount of time checking all their profession buildings.

You don’t fix alt garrisons by nerfing one of the only positive aspects of them (slightly more gold), you bring up some of the others.

This doesn’t even address what you would do with faction alts. Do the diminishing returns hurt the horde alt in that garrison even though I have no way to feed gold to the character in another way? Ugh. Talk about alt punishment rather than alt friendly.

Please don’t make the same pendulum swing mistake that you did with dailies. Leave the mission table alone. If you’re not BoA improving aspects of the garrison then just leave them alone and let players make the mistake of mining on multiple characters every day.

Thank you.


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