Tanaan Reputation Guides

So now that we’ve despaired regarding the means of gaining flight let’s take a look at the reputations we’ll be banging our heads into the keyboard for.

Wowhead has some guides up and running for the reputations.

There is a single daily to “go kill stuff” and otherwise it’s going to be grinding and killing elites. The fortunate thing for my family is that we could go in as a team and probably knock out revered in a couple weekends… unfortunately, that kills those weekends.

So far, you “go kill stuff” just like the Saberstalkers. More grinding. Peachy.

They actually have dailies! They’re basically like the Apexis dailies from your garrison, but still, at least they’re real dailies rather than “just go grind moar”. This is for the Alliance.

This is the Horde equivalent basically.

Your best bet for reputation gains? “Medallion of the Legion” item which will also hopefully be mailable so you can feed your reputation main toon and slowly but surely hit revered (and flying) with it.

With these details I honestly wonder if I’ll even manage to get it done either… guess we’ll see.


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