Returning to the Air (Blizzard Further Fractures Community)

Blizzard has now announced we will be returning to the air!

Here’s the rub: It requires the meta-achievement “Draenor Pathfinder“.

So what’s required for this meta?

  • exploring Draenor’s zones
  • collecting 100 treasures in Draenor
  • completing the Draenor Loremaster achievement
  • completing the Securing Draenor achievement
  • raising the three new Tanaan Jungle reputations to Revered

One of the changes in Mists was the new talent system. The goal there was that there was no “bad way” to choose a talent or play the game. Go with what was the most fun for you! Whatever managed to fit your play style.

What isn’t most fun for me? Reputation grinding.

I have one reputation in Warlords at exalted, and that’s due to getting enough of the reputation tokens from missions to boost it there. I didn’t grind for it, it was handed to me.

The reputation grinding in Warlords has been one of the worst things about the game for me. I can either run around killing things pointlessly or I can go do something real like level an alt, play with family elsewhere in the game, or play another game entirely.

So let’s go back to the whole Mists idea of “playing your way”. Redflare, for instance, has a playstyle of melting Horde faces in battlegrounds. That’s it. That’s what she does to enjoy the game when she’s not being my pocket healer for an Apexis mission. She has no means of flight except to go do things in the game that she genuinely doesn’t enjoy to get something that she genuinely does enjoy and misses.

Why doesn’t she leave her garrison regularly? No flight.

Will she ever therefore have flight? No.

Blizzard, by finding a “compromise” has effectively split the “no flying” versus “yes flying” camps further… not healed the wound.

So much for playing the game how you want.

If anything, I know now my Redflare feels tempted to quit the game due to feeling like Blizzard doesn’t care about her particular playstyle.

That’s a shame, because if she quits, so will the rest of my family. We like playing together, but we’ll do it in other games instead.

If you do choose to pursue it, Wowhead has created a guide to help.


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