Fiction: Imps Over Shattrath

Molani wrinkled her nose at the smell of bear fur singed by imp felfire.

She and Adrinas quickly doused the spots with their respective healing talents prior to focusing their offensive spells again on the group of demons Aniendha’s bear form had occupied.

The Worgen druid, Wolfcrawler, growled behind the group of imps, lashing out with his cat form claws.

Whatever the Gilnaean’s true name had been prior to turning, he kept it to himself. Molani was generally too occupied to let her mind wander in battle but with the allies she had today she knew this batch of demons would be banished to the Nether again very soon.

Aniendha landed a powerful swipe to finish the final three fel beasts before shifting magically back to her Night Elf form.

“Let’s fall back to the elevator and rest a moment.”

Without shifting back to his Worgen form, Wolfcrawler leads them back to the Shattrath City elevator where they are greeted with other soldiers of both factions who are helping the cause of pushing back the Legion there.

Molani can read the frustration in Aniendha’s face as she looks to the sky and angrily thrusts her polearm into a nearby tree. It cradles the weapon soothingly and after a moment the druid pats the tree gently, in thanks.

Adrinas begins offering everyone fritters that Draconious had conjured for them for this expedition.

Molani silently watches another group of heroes descend the elevator, ready to confront the Legion.

In the silence she can hear the elements:

The land cries.

The air seethes.

The water shudders.

The fire plays.

She smiled at that. Even in this combat zone at least one element was slightly enjoying itself, though she knew that enjoyment wouldn’t last as the balance begins to fall apart.

So far they were managing to hold the Legion to a few select places on Draenor. What were they planning though?

“Molani!” Adrinas yells, breaking her from her mild meditation, thrusting a fritter in her direction.

Wolfcrawler’s whiskers in cat form held the remaining crumbs of his fritter for later, assuming he didn’t shift to another form before then. He had been staring at her. Once Molani accepted the fritter he rested his head in his crossed paws in front of him.

Above them in the tree there was suddenly some rustling, followed by cursing in her native language. She recognized the voice of Draconious easily.

She and Aniendha helped him out of the tree, where he then staggered for a moment and sat next to the Worgen cat with a plop.

“Thanks,” he grumbles. “I wanted to check on you… let you know…”

His voice and focus trails off which confirms to Molani the mage’s drinking habits were still the same as ever.

“Let us know what?” Aniendha asks.

Draconious returns his gaze to the druid and blinks. “Ah! Fel helped me with a rocket…”

Molani chortles, at least that explains how he ended up in a tree. “No… he found a weakness to the defenses in Tanaan, we’re going to regroup and plan our rescue of a shipwright who can help us build a fleet.”

He stands and begins channelling, opening a portal to Stormshield, “Come, others are gathering to help as well.”

With that, he leads the group through the portal.

Molani takes one last look at the city, sighing, before being the last to step through.

((On to 6.2!))


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