Making Garrisons Alt Friendly

I was pondering what Blizzard might need to do to make garrisons more alt friendly. The biggest issue they really should fix are the blueprints. If you’ve learned it on one character, you’ve learned it on all of them. With that being said, how can you the player make your garrisons more alt friendly for yourself?

Here’s a top ten list to do just that!

1. Build an Inn

You need to put an inn on every character really. You can do this at 100 or as soon as you have an open slot at 96. Why? Because you’re going to need the extra gold a level 3 inn gives you if you’re to buy all those garrison blueprints on multiple characters.

So take your main and do the quests needed to unlock level 3, then go ahead and build level 3 on every character you can… then start watching the gold roll “inn”. This should be the first building you level to level 3 aside from any profession small buildings you might need/want for other bonuses.

Another reason for the inn are all those toys/pets and other achievements that you can milk from it.

The other reason to build the inn is because your alts’ follower rosters are going to be slimmer. You’ve seen the content once, maybe twice (to see both outpost buildings’ questlines) but once you do that you’re not doing the full gauntlet of quests again to hit the “easy” way of getting 20-25 followers.

This is the best way to get a lot of treasure hunters quickly.

2. Plan Ahead

Other than the inn, how many stables do you really need or want? There aren’t enough buildings that you won’t find yourself doubling up a little bit, but take a look at your playstyle and try to streamline it. Multiple stables? Personally I think this is a bad idea, you can only unlock all the mounts once after all. Multiple trading posts? Yes please! You likely only have one true “main” so these trading posts are a great way to dump extra garrison resources and feed your alts crucial mats you may not be out farming because you’re instead spending 30 minutes cycling through all your garrisons on all your characters.

3. Max Level for the Mine/Herb Garden is Two

If you have a couple of characters who have leveled archeology, go ahead and hit level 2 on the mine. Otherwise, I’d leave it at 1. Level 2 herb garden on everybody? A good idea. You’re going to be swimming in so much ore and herbs though that going past this on more than the main character for the achievement is just plain silly.

4. Ignore the Fishing Shack

This is something I’ve accidentally done because I want to invest my time elsewhere. Blizzard appears to love to put Nat behind a really hard grind, and while it’d be really neat to have Nat in my garrison and level that shack to 3 I just don’t have the patience or the time. Now, if Blizzard made the fishing achievements to unlock it account progress rather than character progress this is something you should totally pursue, but I just don’t see it happening… just like I don’t see those darn blueprints going account wide.

5. Pet menagerie is a go

Now this runs counter to the idea of ignoring the fishing shack, I know, but as of 6.1 we get a free level 25 battle pet per level 100. With two free pets you can go capture a 3rd and you have yourself a team that can fight at the menagerie. In 6.2 the menagerie brings even more pets and bonuses, so the more level 100s you have the menagerie unlocked on the faster you’ll acquire the stones you might want to turn into something else. These things are account bound, so a pair of 100s can get 16 tokens a day, three 100s get 24, etc. Still feel like it’s too late to get into pet battles?

6. Mute the Music

The music player is a really neat side collection thing, but unless you have a bunch of dps characters and want something to do while you wait in queue (go do the fishing shack!), there’s really not much point to building this on more than one character for the toy achievement. Each character’s music rolls are individualized so putting the work in to build it and fill it on more than one character will rob you of precious time you could be leveling another alt. Again, your queue times will vary, in which case, go forth and build! My recommendation while you’re waiting in queue is to go farm the materials for the auction house and build it on one of your trading posts… assuming that character is going to be raiding. If not, the music box is a great farming alternative.

7. Mage Up

This is an odd one because it’s a class recommendation and you could very well hate mages (*waves to warlocks*). My logic here is because of the portal power. You make your mage your mule and you can bounce wherever said mule needs to go. This saves you a lot of time. Especially while you don’t have your trading post settled with an auction house yet.

8. The Crafter’s Network (Get the addon TradeSkillMaster)

Now this is why we have alts, am I right? Character 1 is a skinner/miner, character 2 is a leatherworker/engineer, character 3 is an herbalist/alchemist, etc. This is where an addon like TradeSkillMaster comes in really handy because you can set up mailing rules and auto mail all that ore to your favorite engineer or blacksmith and the herbs to your alchemist/scribe in one click.

Personally, I didn’t start this game super efficient, and I’m not about to untrain and rearrange now, but if you’re newer to the game and don’t have a crafter’s network and are sick of depending on the auction house… and are an altoholic, it’s your next step to joining Alts Anonymous.

9. Ring Around the Main

So if you want that legendary ring on more than one character more power to you, I salute you for having the time and dedication needed to get it once, not to mention multiple times. Focus on one character at a time though, per step. Have one character through Highmaul? Start another (or two)!

Done all the way until 6.2 hits? Time for Blackrock! Why? Blizzard did a very alt friendly thing and after you complete a step once on your account each subsequent attempt to do it will be shorter as more of the shards you need for each step will drop than did for your first character. There’s that alt love Blizzard! Keep it up!

10. Salvage Your Future

It’s imperative, to roll in the gold as much as possible so you can bankroll all these level 100 garrisons. To that end, building a salvage yard will help immensely.

Assuming you’re visiting your mission table on every alt regularly, each character will start generating the crates, which generate junk items to sell, or even better, transmog gear that will sell on your server’s auction house.

Worst case scenario, you’re at least vendoring all this stuff. Greens and blues sell for a good amount of gold each.

Honorable Mention: Establish Your Outposts

Because I wanted this to be a top ten list I’m slipping this as an honorable mention. This is a means of saving gold because you get the level 2 blueprint for free for various buildings each time you finish an outpost quest chain in a zone.

You’re already out leveling, so if you level with a focus on these outpost building quests you’re going to get a follower and a gold saver blueprint for your time. Seems to be a good deal to me.

So with all this being said, go forth and enjoy your alt habit and your garrison habit.


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