Heroes of the Storm Retail Release

In the retail release, for $20, you get codes.

Here’s Blizzard’s official announcement.

Five heroes, a skin for one of the heroes, and a mount.

Let’s do a quick price check.

Zagara: $8.49

Sonya: $6.49

Li Li: $3.99

Jaina: $9.99

Zeratul: $9.99

So if you just add up the heroes, $20 is a very good deal. Now, take into consideration that if you already own one of these characters you end up with a single code that you can either sell or give away. Pretty epic.

So if you already won the three that are below $9.99 this is still a good deal if you’re interested in the mount and skin. Four of them? Probably no longer a good deal.

I’m a bit disappointed that Blizzard is sticking with the price points that they are, but if you watch for sales (or only spend in game gold) you should be all right.

My only hope is that Blizzard also offers a digital version of this bundle. I would be interested in adding these characters to my account but don’t really need a retail box for this. (That and I have $20 on my Blizzard account right now and I was pondering doing either more heroes or the WoW Token). I only one one hero right now: Valla. Got her through the D3 collector’s edition promotion, so more heroes to really get to know and push past level 5 (which is as far as I seem to push them during a free play week) would be cool.


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