WoW Token Details Released

The WoW Token becomes available today so it seemed appropriate to share the information on how it works.

In my opinion, 30k is a good starting point, but it’s not a point that I will buy gold for $20. I’ll wait, watch the market, and see how it goes.

Why? Because in my mind I should make more gold than I can in a month of heavy raiding, mission running, and questing. I’ve noticed that in WoD I’ve made a steady 10k each month, and this is with playing mostly on the weekends. Just imagine if I stepped up and played more, quested more, and had multiple characters raiding.

So I’ll wait and watch for now. Really neat feature, I like that I could now fund my account time for a good 4 months “free”.


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2 Responses to WoW Token Details Released

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