Feral Druid Weak Auras String

My son just recently got to 100 and he’s been joining me in Highmaul as I finish up my questing for the ring.

I haven’t been a feral druid in ages, so I was having a little trouble helping him know when to do X vs Y.

Thus, I went and did some research and created this Weak Auras string.

Presenting it was my next challenge. I ultimately opted for a link to an uploaded TXT file so that it wouldn’t eat post real estate.

If you’re not familiar with the Weak Auras addon I would strongly recommend it. You can grab it here.

So enough bout the addon, what does this particular string do?

Priorities, yo.

As Icy Veins recommends, Rake is our #1 always keep up item. Thus it shows up at the top of our target debuff counter list.

If Rake is applied to the target, you will see Shred instead like in the above screenshot.

Moonfire is there to the right, just in case you’ve selected the talent. If you haven’t selected the talent, it shouldn’t show up based on this WA build.

With both Rake and Moonfire up, Shred is the only item that should show up as long as your combo points are below 5. It then offers you Savage Roar when you’re at 5 combo points if you don’t have the buff, Rip if you do, and Ferocious Bite if you have both Rip and Savage Roar up.

I’m not saying it’s perfect. For instance, if anybody can figure out a way to make Tiger’s Fury properly display only when it’s off cooldown and only when you’re below 39 energy that would be awesome.

With this tool he has managed to successfully beat proving grounds bronze though and has gone on to silver. He hasn’t beat it yet, but I’m confident he’ll be joining me even in heroic instances soon.


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4 Responses to Feral Druid Weak Auras String

  1. Ikuto says:

    You just have to make an aditinal trigger for it to show only when off CD, you should also modify the icons to appear when rake and rip hit there overlay time. To calculate the overlay time of the dots its 33% of the original dot time.

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  3. I am so glad to have found this! I only recently picked up my old druid alt, and decided to play feral instead of balance, and I was so, so bad at it. Now it is much easier to keep track of my buffs and debuffs, thank you!

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