Patch 6.1 Hits Feb 24

Are you prepared?

I’m probably most looking forward to the pet battle free level 25 that isn’t mentioned here and working toward gaining the legendary follower. It will be interesting to see what all my blood elves look like with their new models too.

Oh yeah… and that heirloom collection! Finally, no more mailing back and forth!


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3 Responses to Patch 6.1 Hits Feb 24

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  2. upsidediy says:

    Pet battling was what brought me back to WOW. But I have since stopped playing. Dragon Age Inquisition has my attention. 😀

    • flameflash says:

      🙂 Sounds like I’ll be getting in at a good time!

      I’ve been tempted by all the good things I’ve heard about DA:I but that M rating scares me away.

      Six year old son asked me the other day why most of my WoW characters were girls. My honest answer was that his older sister designed them all for me. I end up making ugly characters. I bet in DA:I I’d end up being a girl for the same reason. :p

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