Heroes Costs Too Much

I know, I know, it’s still the beta. There’s still time.

This is crazy though. Founder’s Pack: $40

$40 and you’re in the beta, you have three heroes and three skins, 2.5k in game currency and a special mount.

Let’s compare to League of Legends (since what else do we compare a MOBA to?)

League of Legends Starter Pack: $5

$5 gets you five characters, one character skin, XP boost and IP boost (their version of Heroes’ gold).

LoL, you win this one.

At least for now.

If we break the Heroes pack further the mount could count for another character, as could the 2.5k gold.

You’re still paying $35 more for it.

Blizzard, please, justify this one for me, please. Especially as somebody already in the beta (so the purchase price of the game isn’t there and it’s supposed to be free to play anyway.)


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