Missing Follower NPC in 6.1

Wowinsider offered this post yesterday to excite us more for garrisons in 6.1.

What do I think?

Honestly, I don’t see myself using it much unless I’m hunting for a specific ability that I know I can get from a missed follower rather than from questing or the inn. I’ve only progressed one character to 100 and am now gearing up my followers. A lot depends on what other garrison alt improvements (which are promised) 6.1 will bring.

I like hovering around 120k gold, that’s my zero point, so when I dip below that I don’t like spending gold on things until I’m back up to it. Buying “missed” followers because I built the mage tower in Talador rather than the other building doesn’t interest me much.

It might, however, interest me on alts if by building the “wrong” building I’ve missed out on their profession follower. For my main druid leatherworker, once I get Shelly up to 100 I plan to start finally doing those work orders and getting the gear for my shaman and druid.

I’ll also hopefully have a running barn on my warlock to help feed both leather and cloth to my characters… and then my death knight skinner…

Yeah, so I have an altoholic problem, I’ll admit it.

So I’m probably pre-judging this NPC a bit too prematurely, so I’ll backpedal a little and say that I look forward to seeing what followers are actually on sale. Perhaps this will benefit my solo horde level 91 more.


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