Flash Draenor Fiction

For some reason I was inspired to toss this together, so I thought I’d go ahead and share it here. Tholine is a new face as she is my boosted horde level 91 character. Perhaps as I level more of my characters I’ll feel inspired to do this more. Right now only my druid Aniendha is level 100. Finally got that darn corehound mount too. 😀


Tholine looked out over the barren landscape of Frostfire Ridge and questioned why she was there.

The Orcs here were noble, at least those that followed this Durotan, and she understood why Thrall would have named a portion of the Barrens after him.

Still, as she considered where her garrison’s force would go next before questing into the alien world herself she wondered if her people wouldn’t be better served if she returned to Silvermoon and tried to help rebuilding efforts there. The Draenor dark portal was closed now, what point was there for her to linger?

Because a people needed help.


Draconious drank.

Such a statement was fairly common for the brewmaster mage before going to Draenor and establishing his own garrison with his mate but it seemed to have picked up lately, especially after yet another visit to the mine.

The armored rolling pests were only that, but aside from dispatching unearthed bands of those the drink also helped him forget that the land he was standing on wasn’t where he’d met Maetres. It wasn’t the Draenor they’d fled in the Exodar. This place was undeniably different.

And not just because there were humans all over the place.

He could feel it. The sense of purpose and hope. He felt as though he was reading a bad book that had easily revealed the ending after the first chapter. How could this Draenor not suffer the same fate as his?

Time streams, parallel universes… these were matters for the former Bronze Dragonflight and the few mages that now decided to meddle in time magic. For Draconious it simply made him want to drink more thinking about it.

The Draenei children though… seeing them made him want to drink too.

He wondered how many would survive. He and Maetres had decided long ago not to have children, at least not until their new adopted homeworld was safe.

When would it be safe though?


Aniendha was ready.

Her garrison was large, expansive, busy as Ironforge on an average day. Her equipment and buildings were at their peak, at least for now.

She had helped establish outposts all over this new world, now it was time to see this new Nagrand in more detail. Highmaul called. It was time to answer that call.

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