Cloud Serpent Riding for All!

Wowinsider has posted a tweet that they caught, indicating that come Draenor you don’t have to earn cloud serpent riding anymore.

Pretty awesome.

My one concern with such an action is that will make a lot of Panda content moot come 6.0. One thing I appreciate about WoW is that there’s so much to do. I can go back to Burning Crusade and continue to work on getting mounts there that I’ve missed, for instance. The cloud serpent riding reward for getting exalted felt like that was going to be what it was.

Not that it was going to be hard to get when the next expansion hit and you simply parked an alt there, did the quests for a week, and then went to Draenor with a bit of extra XP under your belt.

Probably for the best, but at least I can sit in my rocker on the porch and say “back in my day”…


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