Hearthsteed Unlocked! (Do You Need WoW?)

So something I was wondering that nobody had posted about is can you get this awesome Hearthsteed mount…

if you don’t currently have an active WoW account?

May as well give it a shot for science, right?

And yes, I’m “only” rank 24 in Hearthstone. I played the beta, loved it, unlocked the special Mechatorque card for buying some card packs while in the closed beta, and then stepped away until this full release.

I assume, of course, that to actually get the mount now I need to reactivate my game time. The important thing is though, supposedly it’s unlocked!

It’s nice to know that they have this awesome gimmick to get people to try WoW who maybe had been pulled in thanks to just Hearthstone (hey, maybe those people exist).

Hopefully this weekend I’ll have the time to unlock WoW again to confirm the Hearthsteed win.


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