Diablo III Expansion Announced: Reaper of Souls

Come, and stay a while.

Parental screening first is advised.

And here’s a feature list pulled from wowinsider:

  • A new Crusader class, wears heavy armor as a tank, buffs/debuffs friends and enemies, not unlike Diablo II’s Paladin
  • Reaper of Souls will officially by Act V of Diablo III
  • Level cap raised to 70
  • Paragon level cap removed
  • All classes will get new spells as they progress to level 70
  • Something called a “multilevel Legendary item”
  • Substantial updates to the loot experience, “Loot 2.0” as named by Blizzard — you’re more likely to pick up items tailored to your current class
  • Overall loot reduced, not picking up as many items not needed by your current class
  • New Crafter: Mystic — re-roll stats on items, gives chance to create better gear
  • Two new endgame modes/activities: loot runs and Nephalem Trials

So, what do you think?


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