Transmog Helms Come to the Store


Now, take another look…

$15 each? Yes, they’re bind to server, but I’m not paying that.

Maybe it’s because my main is a druid who is always in bear form. I barely use the transmog system, preferring instead to maintain an “around town” outfit with the addon Outfitter.

Now, when these go on sale for, say, $7? I’ll be all over them just from the neatness factor.

When talking to a friend about them though, he pointed out that I’m clearly not one of the people who spend hours farming for the “just right” look to transmogrify into. He isn’t either, but taking a look at the prices from that perspective? It’s worth it for those folks. $15 to save potentially hours and hours of farming?


Just not sold to me.

We’ll talk again Blizzard when you have full outfits or fixes the bind to account items to be really bind to account (and not just to server). I look forward to seeing them.


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