Heirloom Up With Darkmoon Faire: Buying Heirlooms

It seems like almost every month I give the darkmoon faire a pondering.

It’s funny because before the island I didn’t give the faire a second thought. It just popped up either near Stormwind or Thunderbluff and I shrugged and moved on.

As you go to the faire this week consider that if you’re having trouble starting on a new server you could invest a little time in getting prize tickets, and then buying heirlooms in this unique way.

Perhaps you missed the sale on character services, perhaps you have too many alts to move your main server, or maybe you’re just trying out the opposite faction for that “Double Agent” achievement.

Check out what you can buy at that heirloom vendor. You can buy the pets and mounts anywhere, but heirlooms don’t server transfer.


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