WoW Account Services Sale!

So this was announced a day or so ago… I did the math… and it’s still far too expensive to move a realm’s worth of characters elsewhere. Especially when you consider I have 10 other characters among Redflare and the kids’ accounts that I’d move along with all 11 of mine.

Blizzard really needs to wake up and offer a bundling of their services so you can whack an entire realm with one of them for only, say, double the asking price… which should be the price of the current sale normally for these character services in my opinion.

I did take advantage of doing a character customization.

When I first set up Irethorn she was a tough looking half-dead death knight. Well, she’s still all those things, but I’m less inclined to enjoy looking at this character now. She’s almost always worn her helmet rather than go around without it actually. I thought it was time to give her a bit of a change.

Almost switched her to a Worgen but I decided against it. Mostly because I think that would change her too much.

The next time I log into WoW with Little Miss and Redflare nearby I’ll be redesigning, so say goodbye to Irethorn as we knew her soon.

Any of you going to take advantage of the sale? Did you already? What about the bundling idea?


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