Diablo 3 Console Wishlist

So with the announcement that D3 is coming to the Playstation 3 and 4 and the news already solid regarding 4 player single screen co-op I started wondering what else we’d like to see on the console side of Diablo.

Personally here’s my short list. 😉

  1. Integrated Battle.net
  2. Integrated voice chat

Told you that it was going to be a short list. 😉

Let’s think about it though, what those two things really mean, because they mean a lot.

1. Integrated Battle.net

Sony and Playstation have already proven they don’t mind other developers’ networks on their system with the likes of Portal 2 and Valve’s Steam so my thoughts here is that Blizzard would likewise ask for a battle.net login to play.

Naturally you could ignore it if you didn’t want to, but if you did you’d suddenly gain full access to your D3 license (if you already had one) and level the characters you’ve already made there.

You’d also then be able to cross text chat with your friends over in the PC worlds of WoW and SCII.

Let the PS3/PS4 license offer the player the same amount of character slots as a new Battle.net account too (if they so choose) that could transfer to the PC at will.

D3 is a buy-once play forever kind of game, so why not allow transferring between the platforms? This would also solve the “problem” of the real-money auction house. To use it you’d still need your authenticator and to have signed your copy of D3 up for battle.net.

2. Integrated voice chat

But D3 doesn’t have that right now does it?

No clue honestly, but they’d be foolish to not add it now that we’re adding consoles to the mix. Sure their in-game WoW voice client stinks, but they could improve on it and then launch it Battle.net wide this way. Wouldn’t it be amazing to verbally talk to your battle.net friends cross game? Cross system?

Final Thoughts

The upgrade nature of PS3/PS4 means you can stay up-to-date with the PC versions. Keep the balances, hotfixes, and all other patches the same through both systems.

Dedicating to just one console platform is a good idea. This way Blizzard isn’t negotiating with Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all at the same time.

What about the Vita? PS4 remote play… it makes me giddy. Diablo III on a handheld man!

Think about that.


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