Tiller Farming With OCD

I don’t know about you, but I like to get the most out of my gaming time.

While I enjoy the Tillers’ farm minigame and resource gathering aspect I’ve also done my best, now at exalted, to handle 16 plots with their maximum efficiency.

So why am I writing this before 5.2? Because I don’t see my habits changing much, even with a four plot planting technique.

So let’s start off first with plowing and planting because that’s fairly straightforward.

When I get to my farm for the first time in a day I harvest and plow in this pattern:

Farmer Yoon, for reference, is right by the start. Why do I do this before buying seeds? Because of the random chance that I’ll get more seeds as I harvest. I’d hate to buy too many seeds and fill my bags unnecessarily.

One of my two Tiller exalted characters is a dual spec druid so bag space is at a premium.

If you don’t have the farm addon “Farmhand” this is your first thing to get. It quickly gives you access to your seeds and tools and helps do a double-check of the general health of your crops.

So after harvesting I go back through and plow… this pattern will change slightly with 5.2 because I’ll be able to get all the occupied soils out of the way AND plow in one fell swoop (at least my tank will).

Once done plowing I go back and buy whatever the Yoon planting daily tells me to, then I grab one of each of the trees, and likely two enigma seeds.

Why waste money on the trees? Redflare and I have a plan once we have an army of them between us. So I’m only buying the trees on my druid. The enigma seeds I get on both.

On a bad day for my main I have only 5 seeds at this point: Yoon’s daily, the trees, and the enigma seeds. On a good day I’ll have many more.

I then run through the main seed screen (assuming the portal wizard isn’t there) and grab one of each until I have 16 total seeds.

I reverse this order when I run through on my shaman farmer (and don’t buy the trees). This way I’m making sure to get a small (and growing) stockpile of all the farmables rather than start overstocking on just one or two.

Come 5.2 this will change for a time as I level reputation with a faction or two, but once I’m at exalted with everybody this is what I’ll return to.

Once I add a 3rd (or more) 90 to the mix I’ll probably reassess the practices here, but I really don’t see them changing much. Maybe on the extra 90s I’ll do the same pattern on the resource seeds as opposed to the food seeds.


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