Context… Or Amusing Lack Thereof

So first off, I invite you to just read this…

Wait… should I be offended?

For background, Redflare’s main is a Night Elf Druid. You know, one of the races of WoW often oggled.

(Redflare asked that I blur her main’s name as she isn’t as forthcoming as I am. No worries.)

Whoever was writing quest text, your sense of comedic timing is awesome. As I’ve done this quest now on two characters (both female) I’d totally missed it. Yes, I’m just that dense.

Finally, we find the context (assuming you haven’t guessed it already):

It’s still brilliant.

I’ll blame the parental sleep depravation on why we found it funny. Maybe you’ll not look at Yoon the same way again though… he’s tried to grow melons himself eh?


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