5.2: Dungeon Reputation Returns!

This makes me a very happy panda.

A very happy panda indeed.

You know, I have yet to run a dungeon or scenario now that I have a level capped toon?


Because I don’t feel there’s enough reward to it.

So why would this drag me back in?

Because reputation is part of my main game: enjoy the rewards of exalted reputations.

Dailies are engaging this time around. Much more than they were in Wrath, that’s for sure… and especially better than Burning Crusade or Cata, but even awesome quests start to get dry after a while.

When the addon “Daily Grind” auto-accepts a quest I’ve seen before on any of the factions I sigh to myself a little because I know I’ve just rolled the chance die and lost. The same darn “random” quest is popping up… again.

Sure a lot of us will feel the same way about the instances and scenarios after a few runs but Blizzard has wisely put a limit on it. How they clarify that limit and how much reputation you actually get in the days to come is still a mystery to us at this time but at least it’s out there on the table.

I appreciate this and my alts appreciate this.


(By the way, the original story ran on Wowinsider. I couldn’t help but shout from the rooftops the moment I read it.)

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