Jumpstart Your Bags With Darkmoon Faire

So I was visiting the Darkmoon Faire for the first time on my Horde Monk and stumbled upon this little gem as I checked out the new pets:

I’m FlameFlash, and I’m an altoholic.

Hi FlameFlash.

And because I’m an altoholic I regularly try to watch for things that can help maximize my characters’ leveling practices. This is one of those things.

Why, you may ask, does a 16slot unique bag interest me?

Well, if you’re starting out on a new server, this is what you’re packing if you’re an early tailor: 

Yep. Those are four 6 slot linen bags.

Even one 16 slot bag is fantastic at this stage of the game. Without any other easy means of gold (or perhaps you’re cheap like me and want to be self-sufficient) this is a way to get a free bag.

“Wait, FlameFlash, nothing is free in this world…” you tell me. I know, I know there’s always an opportunity cost. You can get the pets or the heirloom gear on your main server with your main character(s). You can’t as easily find cheap 16slot bags.

You’re rewarded 5 tickets for just showing up at the Darkmoon Faire the first time. Do one attraction (aside from the carousel) and you’ve replenished your supply.

Seems pretty much like a “free” bag update for your alts on other realms to me!


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