5.1 Strikes! Pet Battle System Addon Updates

So now that 5.1 has hit and all the update dust is settling from the websites (okay, so most addons are still probably not up to date and you’re frantically checking around, I get that) what addons were perhaps outdated thanks to the patch?

The pet battle notes can all be found here at the official site. What I’m interested in though is what I can retire from my game’s install folder.

The easiest way is to probably just start a pet battle with all addons removed and then another with all my old addons enabled… so here we go!

First, without the addons.

Pet Journal

  • The quality of each pet is now visible in its slot in the Pet Journal.
  • Pets can now be filtered by name, type, rarity and level, and filters will remain in place each time the Pet Journal is viewed.
  • It is now possible to search locations in the Pet Journal. For example, searching “Westfall” will display all the Battle Pets that can be found in Westfall.

So from the text of the notes here we can immediate let “battlepetslist” go. It was a text activated interface so hitting a search box does the same thing fairly easily.

  • Pet Quality is now displayed in battles, and will be visible on portraits, names and tooltips.

So, there goes another one… “petbattlequalityglow”. It was good while it lasted.

Enough of the ones we can’t see though. How about this one?

  • Battle Pet tooltips will now display whether a pet is owned, and how many pets of that type are owned.

I like it, but it’s lacking something… ah, the rarity. Sure this is a white AKA common rabbit but I can’t tell what the rarity of my other pets are.

This is where “Battle Pet Count” comes in.

Blizzard may have improved the base UI but it has some additional improvements.

Please forgive some of the other addons in the above screenshot. What we care about for now is the fact that it shows I have two rare rabbits and what levels they are. The tooltip will tell the same story.

Before you ask, that addon off to the right is “Pokemon Trainer”. The Curse.com servers seem to be being hit pretty hard right now.

Along with the tooltip though you can see the Owned: L2/L1 which gives you an easy, at a glance, view of how many, rarity, and level you have of  a given pet. An addon to keep.

All right, but what about the pet journal?

It’s a bit too subtle for me, personally. Blue borders, green borders. I’d much prefer coloring the entire name of the pet like we see some addons doing. It’s a change I’ll live with for now though as some addons haven’t been updated yet either.


Well, what we still see on this is PetBattle Teams and Pet Theory. I really like these two addons so I’ll keep them around and wait out when they’ll be updated. I had thought that the colored border would prevent me from being interested in the Pet Theory addon, but here it still is. We’ll see long term if they ever publish an update.

If the addon doesn’t come then we’ll consider alternatives.


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