Do I Identify With My Characters?

This was a recent “Breakfast Topic” on WowInsider and I felt my response was worthy to go here too.

I’m a RPer, even on non RP realms I feel I probably RP a little. There’s a heavy bit of my personality that naturally bleeds through but my main is a female nightelf druid.

I’m a dad of four.

It’s a mix of male/female characters for me. The main, then there’s the male gnome warlock that celebrates my love of gadgets (he’s an engineer, of course). Then the draenai male mage who probably taps into my fatherly tendnancies. He’s married to my wife’s character, a female draenai priest.

My female shaman and DK (both draenais) are a little harder to pin down just because I don’t play them as often. Perhaps I don’t identify with them but I like to think of the shaman as more the nurturing caregiver (I play her with my son) and the DK is very much a cold, calculating pragmatist.

Among my other characters, I have a toon I use to play with my daughter. A female paladin (prot/ret) who is clearly a protector. Personality hasn’t been established much there yet except for the need to protect my comrade (a female dreanai DK) and any who might PUG with me.

My wife makes only female characters, as does my daughter. My son possibly has a female character but I think all of his are male and more to be “like daddy” I think (mage, warlock, and druid three of my five level capped toons).

It’s a strong male/female ratio mix though. Half my alliance toons are male and half are female. Most of my horde toons at this time are female… strange. Hadn’t thought about that before. Perhaps trying to force some cartaker-ness onto the horde that I don’t feel is naturally there?


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