5.0.4… The Bars, They Are A-Changin’

Holy crap.

This is fantastic.

My first stop this patch was my loneliest character: a death knight on Antonidas.

Picked up all his mail, got an achievement, and then sat back and slowly watched as my pet count and mount count grew horde side on Argent Dawn.

I didn’t do too much bar rearranging yet over on that side. Probably should. Didn’t pick my talent points… I was too much in a hurry to finally see what changed for me on my home turf of Zangarmarsh.

Two and a half characters. I didn’t even do more than one spec each so far. Started with my lowest, a Worgen Warrior. His bars were pretty easy to fill out.

Something that gave me pause until I figured it out is that characters under level 20 don’t get a “core abilities” tab. I kept looking for it horde side and wondering where it was. My warrior had one, and I used it very effectively. Then I went to his spellbook and tossed the “extras” on my bars just to have them nearby.

My rogue suffered a similar fate. I deleted all his macros just like I did on my warrior and started from scratch. An awkward thing to do with a level 50-something, trust me.

My mouse is now fully functional though, as is my cast bar. I look forward to finally pulling down my Nostromo and really getting into it, relearning the character and the classes.

Finally came my priest. The one drawback I’ve noticed so far is that they assumed you wanted to be the same spec. This meant that you couldn’t take advantage of the “I just specced, toss my core abilities onto my bar” feature. Oh well.

Macros? Deleted. Inscription? Trained. I got Monk glyphs! I don’t feel I’m even done with this character yet but I’ll probably move on to be sure and pick up all my mounts, pets, and achievements.

This is going to take some getting used to, that’s for sure. Lots of things to rebuild and change.

I’m having a blast.

Any challenges out there my fellow future Monks? Any pitfalls? Anything that’s driven you nuts?

I think I’ve fallen in love with the game all over again if I’m this excited about setting up a darn level 64 priest.


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