Be “Faire”ly Prepared For Your Monk

Wowinsider gave us a great article about the heirloom gear available to us for a potential monk.

I feel like they missed a couple of things though.

For one, use the Darkmoon Faire! One is going on right now, and you can buy all of the heirloom gear there (the parts lacking resistance at least) that can nicely equip your monk.

Time to ride over and check it out!

The WoW site says Monks can use these armor types:

  • Cloth
  • Leather

Now in all seriousness, other than the black mageweave outfit for your female Pandaren, when are you probably going to be walking around in cloth?

So let’s consider the options.

If you’re going for the Mystweaver spec you have three obvious leather picks and then a cloak.

Enough talk, let’s look at what this vendor has… it’s kind of busy over here, glad I’m not on my main.

The fantastic thing about armor naming practices in WoW is that if they’re meant to go together, often they’ll have something similar in their name… like the word “preened”.

These are the “old school” shoulder and chest pieces you could also pick up for Justice Points from Wrath days (or buy similar ones in Wintergrasp with honor). Oops, the alt checking these out was level 77. Only here at a site can you manage to see the evolution of the gear I suppose. 😉

Now that you’re going to pick up the intel gear and follow in MoM’s footsteps hop on your guilded toon.

Grab these rewards:


I’ll let the stats for these speak for themselves. Bound to make any Mystweaver happy though.

Monks can use these weapons:

  • fist weapons
  • one-handed axes
  • one-handed maces


One for your Wildwalker spec and one for your Mystweaver. So nice how these things work out.

  • one-handed swords

Now I noticed something right off the bat. You can dual wield as a Monk so go up there and grab the mace that is just “one hand” and use this sword as your main hand. Sounds like a win-win arrangement to me.

  • polearms
  • staves

Not much to say about the staff. Though since we talked Windwalker heirloom weapons it made sense to stop by and check.

That’s right, while you’re at your guild vendor don’t forget to pick up a tabard (assuming you don’t already have one).

So what about your Windwalker friends?

Send them off to grab the similar “Stained” set of leather agility armor and the cloak.

The great thing is, if you’ve been doing the fair on all your alts you’re probably done getting all the pets and mounts at this point (assuming you went MoP style and only bought one mount/pet per character). So what else are you going to spend those points on anyway?

If you don’t get everything this week, don’t worry, we have one more Darkmoon Faire before the Mists roll in.


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