No More 310% Speed From Long Strange

Perhaps this is another knee-jerk reaction, but right now it’s being reported that What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been no longer grants 310% riding to your characters in the latest beta build.

I’d previously reported that it did… because back then it did.

That was, of course, when the system was just being implemented and motorcycles were on (and then off… and then back on) the account wide mount list.

Why do I have an issue with this though? Because it removes one of the main points to getting the Violet Drake.

Sure, bragging rights are a thing. This guy is going to slowly become rare… oh wait, no he’s not… thanks to account bound mounts.

The amount of time, gold, and energy invested into getting this puppy (on two characters for me) was enough to say enough was enough. I have a free 310% speed on two of my eight flying characters. I have 280% on two of my eight.

I want to see the holiday achievements stay alive. I wonder, if this announcement had come out before the Brewfest announcement that was later rescinded if fewer people would have been upset about not being able to kill Direbrew and they wouldn’t have had to push back the dates though.

I’m leaning toward fewer people having been upset.

While I appreciate that the characters that were already awarded 310% speed still get to keep it, they should at the very least update the achievement of Strange Trip so that if it’s earned by a character it immediately grants the 310. Then people will still go after it. Not just for the mount, but for the bonus too.

How would that work?

Well right now, each character has their own achievement pool. In Mists we’re going account bound. With each achievement though, there will still be a notification that you have achieved it (level 10 achievement for instance) when your character hits that threshhold. Just because you’ve had one level 10 doesn’t mean that every future level 10 doesn’t get awarded the achievement.

Treat Long Strange the same way. All characters with the 280% speed get the Violet Drake but only those that are named as having earned Long Strange get 310% at the same time.

That is, if Blizzard does really want to limit the players.

A win-win compromise.

Personally, I wish they’d just switch it back. Give us some numbers blizzard. How many characters have Long Strange right now. How many who have 310% don’t have Long Strange? How many are close to Long Strange and don’t have 310? That do?

Real numbers would help me quite a bit on the comfort level on why they think this is a good idea or not.

Right now I’m leaning toward this being a disservice.


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3 Responses to No More 310% Speed From Long Strange

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  2. flameflash says:

    And since nobody actually had asked about it on the beta yet, I did.

  3. flameflash says:

    Warning of the change would be heavily appreciated. I stopped going after Long Strange on all my toons (only have it on two of 5 85s) because the beta came up and showed me I’d get the 310%. I could have had it by now otherwise…

    Now I can’t if this change stays.


    If you’re willing to move Brewfest for holiday achievement hunters why are you not willing to keep things the way they were in early beta? Balance issues? How about a discount to 310 speed at least for Long Strange achievement account holders? Some kind of bone that will still encourage people to go after this achievement.

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