Music: The Guild: “Game On”

Last week we did their Avatar song so it only seemed appropriate to follow that up with this one.

What’s special about this one is it actually offers a minor discussion in the fact that gamers are often ashamed of admitting they’re gamers… and they shouldn’t be.

For some reason women actually have the appearance of a societal harder time with gaming than men. I think it has something to do with the fact that men are generally expected to be “immature” along with issues such as “Booth Babes” which objectify women and displace them as equals in this realm.

The problem is, games aren’t immature anymore. We’ve come a long way from 8-bit Mario days and now offer parents stories like “Heavy Rain” or the E3 announced “Beyond”. Sure there are games like “Angry Birds” out there too, but even those can offer both a ‘casual’ or ‘hardcore’ gaming experience. How many levels do you have three stars in?

These are full-fledged rated R movies (and M rated games) that put you as the player right in the shoes of the characters you’re controlling. The level of immersive gameplay offered from these games has the potential to be much more captivating than anything offered by Hollywood.

I’ll step off my gamer high horse now.

For now…


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