Another Fire Festival Concluded

Warcraft Fireworks

Maetres (Redflare) and Draconious (I) stopped to enjoy the fireworks in WoW because there really wasn’t any other way we could privately enjoy fireworks as a couple this year.

I suppose that’s another sacrifice of being a parent… as is scratching at the mosquito bites as I write this because I did take the older two kids outside to watch.

The fairgrounds are fortunately very close, so like the Stormwind fireworks, we were easily able to find a secluded hill near our back patio and enjoy the show.

It was an odd fire festival for me, both in game and IRL* because it was unseasonably warm and I was uncharacteristically busy.

Even with the addition of four more level capped characters (I only had my main to 85 last year) I didn’t manage to score the pet that drops off of the holiday boss, Ahune. I did play with the oldest son though, and helped him get the title for his warrior… and soon for all the characters on that account. He even had enough currency leftover to buy the Spirit of Summer pet. My characters benefitted from the free experience points of torch tossing and catching like years past as time allowed.

It’s interesting to think that in a year’s time Mists will be upon us and I’ll hopefully at least have my main, my mage, and my shaman up to 90 (with the appropriately paired characters of my wife and son). Maybe my monk too. 😉

It’s events like these, both in game and IRL that help shape memories though. I remember my dad getting car sick from the original Super Mario Kart or blaming the controller during a game of Dr. Mario. (He went so far as to buy a second set of controllers for the NES only to discover that it wasn’t the controllers.)

Holidays are always hard without him.

It’s memories of my childhood holidays that inspire and lead me to make sure to do my best on real holidays (or in game ones) for the kids. Shared experiences — both in game and in life — lead to the sweet smiles I feel cross my lips as I remember my own childhood.

This would have been the first summer at the local park where my oldest would have been too big for the key attraction (a “train” ride). It was both fortunate and unfortunate that it was too hot to do much because that let us stay inside and save up energy for the full firework display. That’s something we never managed to do before. It means we have another year before we have to truly acknowledge that one of our baby boys is growing up.

Screenshots and pictures don’t do firework displays justice (at least mine don’t), so I only have the one good one. It’s enough. Redflare and I got to peacefully enjoy one of the last displays of the in game event on our own private tower, stealing glances between the screen and each other as Azeroth’s sky lit up.

Another holiday’s memories that I would be hard pressed to forget.


*”in real life” (I know most WoW players know the acronym but since I’m cross posting this to  not everybody may know what that means over there.)

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