WoWinsider’s Pandaren Roleplaying Thoughts

I’m just going to point you in Anne Stickney’s direction and recommend you check this post out.

There was recent discussion on twitter about this very topic.

I asked if she was aware of a US version… she wasn’t, but I was saved by @FarashaServal.

I had to hang my head in shame at that response. I had a character on Wyrmrest at one time.

I have a small group of horde toons on Argent Dawn… low level ones. I haven’t seen much in the way of RP though.

So now I have to ask the question: do I change now, before any hit 30?

What I may do is scout out the server with my Panderan and go from there. Perhaps I’ll have an army of Panderan since I’m unfamiliar with the horde and can then appropriately RP my ignorance.

I’ll patiently wait for now. Who knows, they might not have my desired names so it would be for nothing. Something tells me I’ll stay on Argent though… I have trouble saying goodbye to characters.


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Your thoughts?

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