The Flippable Table

There’s only one thing that came to mind immediately upon seeing this on Wowhead.

You see, when my wife was in… 7th grade and I was a freshman in high school she would occasionally have music lessons that corresponded with my extra curricular activities.

On one such occasion, while my group was waiting for the bus that would take the team and their manager (me) to the next game. They decided to do what a group of freshman boys are good at: being rude.

Redflare, having enough, literally flipped a cafeteria table.

Let’s help your imagination a bit.

A tiny red-headed seventh grade girl (she’s 5’4.25″ now so I have no idea how short she was then) latches onto the long table… the kind with the benches built into them, by the way, and flips it.

She doesn’t just tip it over, she flips it so that the legs are now pointed at the ceiling and the benches bolted to the table look even more uncomfortable than they already were.

The icing of her attack posture was then to leap onto the overturned table with a crash that echoed through the empty, cavernous room.

This was enough that the team ran out of the cafeteria with their tails neatly tucked between their legs. They would later ask me to ‘tell my girlfriend we’re sorry’ and her response when I delivered their message was that they should have done so on their own.

To this day, 14+ years later, I still think of this and tease her when the opportunity presents itself. This was an opportunity of epic proportions that could not be ignored.

I can only hope that it makes it into the game somehow.


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3 Responses to The Flippable Table

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  2. flameflash says:

    It was pointed out to me that I missed a tiny detail. It’s a detail I didn’t feel added much to the story but does add some humour to it.

    My books were sitting on that same table, and notebook… she scattered the basketball players about as fast as she did my papers. The only difference being that she helped me pick up the papers while I had to handle the PR of the basketball players by myself. 😉

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