This Means You’ve Arrived: In Game Items

A congratulations to The Instance podcast crew for the fact that they now have items in-game that are named after them.

It’s rather like the “have arrived” signal from Blizzard when you’re immortalized in their game with an item named after you.

Gerp, of course, is the name of the host’s main. An Orc hunter and his trusty pet Henry.



Turpster is the nickname of the warrior Gnome full of attitude. It’s amusing, as the wowhead comments point out, that the shield is actually for a holy Paladin or resto Shaman at this time.


Dills is the most recent WoW podcaster voice — Turpster has been a host on WoWInsider’s podcast previously and Gerp’s master had a partner in crime who now works at Blizzard.

The legs look as though many hunters (like Dills) will be wearing these things at the beginning of their journey into the Mists.

Congratulations to you all again.


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