A Change of Inspections

The latest patch to the beta brought with it a unique change: character inspections.

From the description on MMO-Champion:

When you inspect someone, you are able to see their specialization, talents, and glyphs.

You may now inspect anyone as long as you can target them, including targeting them through being in the same group, no matter where they are. This even works in cross realm groups! The only thing that doesn’t show when the other player is not visible to you is their 3D model.

My only concern for this is a memory harking back to the time of gear score add-ons that went around willy-nilly and inspected everybody and their brother.

Hopefully it won’t cause Blizzard to have to throttle inspections even more (or hopefully the age of those add-ons is at an end… which would be my preferred response).

This should be helpful for building groups or raids with PUG members though that time is now more or less at an end too.


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