WoWInsider D3 Transmog Round 2

WoWInsider is at it again with another great piece in their transmog series.

This time they explore the D3 Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Monk.

What’s fun about this one is definitely the monk. Think about it. Soon in WoW you can be a monk and make said monk look like your D3 one!

A mage, of course, could look like your D3 wizard, but if you’re not human or blood elf the effect is going to be lost a little bit. Same for the Demon Hunter.

Granted my monk is going to be Pandaran, so it’s likely that I won’t be going this transmog route either, but like their other pieces of the D3 transmog series or their Avengers series it’s fun to see these items and gear in the game used in new and unique ways.


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