What Will You Blacklist?

So here are the main details:

  1. You can blacklist up to two battlegrounds
  2. You cannot blacklist the “Call to Arms” battleground

I don’t get out much (and PvP) but when I do it’s usually with either the son or wife. Redflare’s favorite place to go is Warsong Gulch.

It’s clean, simple, and generally quick one way or the other.

I’ll be blacklisting Alterac Valley.

Now the real fun begins… why?

Because 40v40 lags me out so I may as well not even be playing. I actually don’t see myself blacklisting others, partially because I haven’t seen all of the battlegrounds yet. One of my goals this weekend is to actually do some PvP with the son (and maybe daughter if she’s interested) and see how well we fare.

It’s time to see about those missing PvP achievements!

Which one(s) will you be blacklisting?


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Your thoughts?

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