Non Account Bound Mounts

MMO Champion gives us a rather depressing list.

Let’s consider this list in depth.

I’m going to ignore the obvious ones, you know, the class based ones and jump right to the motorcycle.

The obvious ones mean that this isn’t going to happen again. Or this. These are good things.

What about the motorcycles though? The Traveller’s Tundra? The Yak? The Ice Mammoths?

The assumed logic, since there has been no official word (man I hope these are just water testing beta tweaks) is that these are gold sink mounts and therefore you should have to buy them every time.


Class specific mounts. I understand. I have no problem with that because it doesn’t make sense for a druid to sit an a felsteed or dreadsteed (or a warlock to sit on a paladin’s charger).

I have one gold sink mount: the motorcycle. Why?

Because that mount screams: I’m an engineer. It’s a profession status symbol. Blizzard wants me to sink gold into these mounts? Get gold out of circulation?

Make them account wide!

Why? Because then I’ll actually buy them. 20k (assuming not exalted with the Kirin Tor) is still 20k being removed from the gold economy.

I’m going to make up some numbers now, for the pure sake of argument.

2 million characters own the Mechano-hog. (Remember, these numbers are being pulled from a goblin’s tax documents and have no real value, they’re to help paint a picture).

8 million accounts have enough gold to buy a Mechano-hog.

Only 3 million more players are willing to toss the gold and time down to buy a Mechano-hog in the current system. When they do, they’ll only buy it on one character.


The laws of supply and demand.

These are status symbol mounts so people will only buy them for their mains. Altoholics (we’ll assume those 5 million accounts not currently buying a Mechano-hog are that) won’t because it’s a waste for them. They have no idea which character they’ll be on tomorrow or next week, let alone next month.

So that’s 16k gold still out there, ready to not be spent (or throw off the economy when one of them decides to take over the market on thorium ore again).

Now, grant altoholics their due and you suddenly have 8 million accounts buying them. Sinking the amount of gold out in the World of Warcraft. How is that a bad thing? You’re now sinking more gold than you were in the previous model.

If you fear the idea of a low level alt on a random server having a motorcycle put server restrictions on these mounts, not account level restrictions. Otherwise, dear Blizzard, you’re undermining the entire point (and promise) of the term “account wide”.


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7 Responses to Non Account Bound Mounts

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  4. Arcadia says:

    See, this makes sense at first blush. But the problem with your point is that it will be a super rush of gold-sinking at first, but then eventually taper off into nothing as everyone makes that first time purchase and never purchases a gold sink again. If they keep the current model, well…people wont buy a TTM or EY now, but…later in MoP, when the gold is piled high, some players will just go ahead and buy the gold sink mounts anyway. Thus, they keep a long-term gold sink that will drain more money over time than a singular rush just once.

    • flameflash says:

      Awesome feedback Arcadia. I appreciate it.

      I feel like it’s already the way you describe it today. Do you buy multiple motorcycles and mammoths now for all your characters?

      I want a motorcycle because it’s awesome, so I buy it. If I change mains I have no incentive to buy another motorcycle because I may change mains again (back to the motorcycle toon or to another)… so why buy it again? Just because I have the gold? If it’d be hard to make them account bound, at least they should be making them faction bound.

      If I have that much gold, I’ll go to the black market AH (BMAH) coming in Mists and buy a rare mount there… and suddenly get that one account bound.

      If Blizzard was wanting to be consistent with their account/nonaccount binding mounts all being gold sinks they would therefore set the BMAH to non account bound as well.

      The greater service to the community would be in binding to account all mounts without a good class reason.

      Of course… we’re in assumption mode because I haven’t yet seen an official word of WHY these mounts are not being account bound.

      The 1% of WoW players with that much gold won’t be dissuaded from buying multiple motorcycles, but the 99% that only have 50k+ g because they’re altoholics or have nothing else to do in game late expansion will either save for the next expansion fees or save for the BMAH if they want the most economic bang for their gold.

      I know I’ll be saving for the BMAH instead of buying mammoths myself.


      • Arcadia says:

        – The profession mounts will not be account bound simply because other toons wont have the profession proficiency to use them, aka, you have to have engineering to use the choppers, tailor to use the carpets, etc. Those and the paladin/warlock mounts I totally agree with keeping character specific.

        I mean, I’m with on your side here with regards to things like the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth being account bound (though it and the choppers have the issue of being different item IDs depending on faction) I’d love to be able to buy a TTM and let my monk have an on-the-go vendor mount for my server-first leveling race. You’d think that, after investing that much gold into it, you’d have access to it as much as you’d like. Feels kind of like a jip to pay so much but not get the same functionality as the regular race mounts.

        But here’s the thing: with each expansion, the over all wealth of the player base goes up as well. Even altoholics like me have significantly more gold at the end of this expansion than I did at the end of Wrath. Just doing all the quests in a zone like Valley of the Four Winds can net you nearly 2k gold if you vendor your looted greens, vendor trash and other miscellaneous. In Wrath, the 10k+ gold you’d have to spend to get a motorcycle is significantly less of an investment in Cataclysm. The titansteel and bolts and other items are far cheaper now. 16k gold can be farmed relatively quickly (given a decent sized server and reasonably active economy) with herbalism and jewelcrafting. Fishing up fish feast mats a few times a week nets me a few thousand gold a month. Imagine if I was actually trying to get the money for a mount! This is why I think that Blizz is unwilling to make those mounts account-bound. Because with a little bit of time and effort, you can get the cash to buy one easily. Hell, dailies are being uncapped this expansion, too!

        Which I think is the real purpose of the BMAH. Blizz can keep releasing gold sink mounts each expansion, but eventually the cost of them is no longer prohibitive or drains enough gold to matter. With the BMAH, Blizz has a more permanent, scaling solution to the gold sink issue. If its successful, we may see Blizz relent on the other gold sink mounts.

        • flameflash says:

          Well, while I was going through the mental gymnastics to do a point-counter-point Blizzard decided to make this thread moot.

          The joys of the beta. I’m very thankful they made the decision they did.

          There’s now a pingback on this post taking everyone to the new list.

          I’ve appreciated your thoughts Arcadia. It will be interesting to watch as some of your accurate predictions of the older expansions’ gold sinks come true.


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