If I Only Had It Then: MoP Core Abilities Tab

WoWInsider continues their great work by outlining the new “Core Abilities tab” that is coming in Mists.

Man I wish we’d had something like that “back in my day”. This is wonderful for new players, altoholics, people that have been gone for a while, or after-patch shock recovery.

There’s also a “What’s changed” tab that isn’t as informational yet, but I bet it will be.

This tab is going to be dangerous for me. I can see myself actually playing my alts more often thanks to it since it will help me remember how in the world I play the class.

It’s hard having a mage main when partnered and leveling with Redflare, a shaman main when leveling with the son, a druid main for soloing or a warlock main to dps… just to name a few… :p

This tab will help me immensely and I look forward to putting some heavy use into it.


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