No More Daily Quest Cap

Just take a look at this first, and then we’ll consider the ramifications of it.

Current plan is to remove the daily quest cap completely for ship. Just like what you see in the beta now. We literally have 100’s of daily quests at level 90 and we want to make sure that players can pick and choose what they want to do.


Blizzard wants you to play more.


Though do you really want to play more when you’re seeing the same quests over and over again? Those cooking/fishing daily quests in the main city you choose to hang out in get old really fast don’t they?

From further discussion it looks like the cap removal is partially to support you getting to do what you want on who you want and partially because they hope to have that many randomized quests available each day so it doesn’t feel as much like a grind.

I approve.

What does this mean for some items out there though? Not much.

Take the tournament dailies over in Icecrown for instance. I’m still going to go and do them on my two Crusader toons because there are only a small number of these quests. Now though, after choosing to do these (or choosing to not do some because I don’t want to hit my cap) I can instead do all of them without hurting myself.

I can also go work on those daily achievements off in Outland and Dalaran without hurting myself (assuming I don’t already have them on one character.)

Lifting this artificial wall means you can stay on one main and play as much and as long as you want.

This is a pretty heavy departure from all the alt talk and benefit we’ve been seeing approach from within the mists, and it is a change I welcome with open arms.


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