I May Have To Yak… Super-Expensive Portable Reforger

Look at your mount.

Now look at me.

Now look at your gold stockpile…

For three times the price of your mammoth (60k base price up from the 20k base price of the mammoth) you’re going to be able to get a yak with a portable reforger on it as reported by WoWInsider.

I would assume the Yak will be account bound, now the question is, will your mammoth?

I’ll be waiting until we find out for sure about the mammoth before buying one (or the Yak) but that should come fairly “soon” I’d think.

Honestly I don’t see the need for a portable reforger, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t been raiding since reforging was a thing. I’ll wait and see.


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5 Responses to I May Have To Yak… Super-Expensive Portable Reforger

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  3. only 15k? chum change.

    Although I do not know what gold sink to get first in Mist of Pandaria. The Yak or the JC mounts….. #Firstworldofwarcraftproblems

    • flameflash says:

      15k is the sell price… if for some reason you’d resell something you bought for 60k. 😉

      Totally agree though. Hard pressed decision on which to get. Probably will level my JC toon and go after those that route.

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