Everything Engineering: WoWInsider Mists Engineering

There are a lot of great things on their way for engineering in Mists.

WoWInsider takes us on a tour of all the great little gadgets we’ll be getting.

From the article, here are my most anticipated:

Thermal Anvil

Drop this, Jeeves, and your Mailbox, along with your Gnomish Army Knife and you have yourself the makings of a portable crafting district anywhere in the game. All we need now is a way to reforge on the fly… oh, that’s right.  That’s coming.

Mist-Piercing Goggles

These actually don’t make much sense to me… though if they continue to not require being an engineer I can see having a set for all of my characters once they reach Pandaria levels for the sheer pragmatism of it. Using Outfitter I could easily make these part of a ‘riding’ outfit to automatically equip or take off as I ride, letting me spot things I might otherwise miss.

 Sure there are plenty of other gadgets on their way, but the last one that has me more excited than I should be is…

Wormhole Generator: Pandaria

 Just take a moment to admire the flavor text there in yellow.

It’s one of the gadgets that was missing from Cata honestly. It makes sense why it was missing, don’t get me wrong, but if there had only been a neutral location in Hyjal for Gnomish Engineeers and a good spot in Uldum for the Goblin variety we would have gained complete and total continent jumping powers.

Oh well.

It’s things like this that inspire me to have not one, but two engineers. Sure my Worgen is still fairly low level, but he and my Gnome will some day be able to discuss the finer points and nuances between Gnomish and Goblin engineering.

Ironically my Gnome is the Goblin Engineer and the Worgen is the Gnomish one. What can I say? My Gnome likes to blow things up.

Here’s to building many a better gadget in Mists!


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