Fel Forum Fiction #6

Fel wasn’t sure what happened.

The world felt totally different.

Of course, that was because it was.

Kartik cackled… he liked the fire and destruction at least.

Leave it to an imp to oversimplify,’ Fel thought.  He was no druid, but if even he could feel the screams of pain throughout the world on the wings of the magical Nexus he wondered what the druids of the Cenarian Circle and mages of Dalaran thought of all of this.

He also wondered what new ores and designs he could dream of from the spoils of a wounded world.


Aniendha’s face feathers were streaked with tears as she flew over Auberdine’s ruins.  Perhaps there would be survivors.

Or not.

The bodies lay broken and battered, it seemed the wave of destruction that was said to have swept through hadn’t even given the hippogryph master enough time to leap onto one of her companions to escape.

Perching atop the broken docks she surveyed the damage. A kindred spirit landed nearby.  The druid Adrinas had the same look on her bird-form’s face as Aniendha expected she had.

They nodded as one and silently flew toward Vash’jir.

The Elementals and Deathwing would pay.


Irethorn sighed, relaxing.  She felt even freer than the day the Ebon Blade broke from the will of the Lich King or the day she heard that the Ashen Verdict had reported that warriors were successful in finally defeating Arthas.

There was life again for her people and her heart was filled with hope.  They’d survived the breaking of one world already, so this world, tenuously held together, would stand… and be stronger for it.

Finishing her ale she nodded to the high elf barmaid as she rose.  She would have to store her “tankards of terror” now, but she would seize this new life and reforged world with a gusto she had never felt before.


Draconious had sobered, Maetres frowned slightly less often.  Draenor had seen these times and survived… barely.  This new home they had fought to protect in Northrend would see their bond grow even stronger, their knowledge grow further, and their hearts grow fonder…

While they knew that Prophet Velen was right and that now was not the time to escape off of this newly broken planet, there was always that temptation. Draconious wanted to hang his magic ale hat and hide on Azuremyst Isle.  They had gained another set of seasons; they had survived another breaking.

The fact they had survived together was reassuring as well. So together they would go into Mount Hyjal and face whatever demons had come to try and break their new home further.


Certainly for different reasons, backgrounds, and destinies, but the group of adventurers would soon see all of what this new world had to offer.

First concluded January 3, 2011 as Cataclysm was ramping up on FlameFlash.net. I look forward to sharing more of these as Mists ignites my imagination further. For quick and easy access to all of them here, check out the Fiction category or fiction tag.


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