Roleplaying Within The Mists

With a new expansion come new opportunities to roleplay our characters. Enrich their stories beyond simply complete Quest X, collect reward, go complete Quest Y, etc.

Wowinsider just put out a great guide to 5 great RP spots in Mists but I’d like to bring your attention to another: everywhere else.

What? How?

All thanks to the new cross server Mists feature that has been announced.

But how will that work? The same way it does right now in dungeons… if you don’t let the looking for group functionality limit you.

I use the RP addon MyRolePlay and mix in LunarSphere. LunarSphere needs some work at this point (still doesn’t register my Worgen for instance) but it’s great to add extra dynamics or commentary to your actions (or auto-restock your reagents sure).

For instance, when my druid uses her hearthstone (or any character, really) they emote something random about the fact that they’re hearthing.

You will likely come across some people who are offended by the idea of a roleplayer in the party (I know I’ve seen my fair share in BGs or dungeons) but the reason you should be roleplaying is to have even more fun with this game, not to make other people happy. If they can’t see the game as anything more than a grind, that’s their problem.

I look forward to many more random encounters with people out in the world, perhaps even on my alliance characters who are unfortunately on a “normal” realm.


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